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About the Cook



"Besides my little family, cooking is the only thing I've ever cared about. I've worked my way up in world class fine dining restaurants, and am obsessed with learning and improving everyday. Building BunBoy into something I'm proud of has proven to be an immense challenge, but I love the process of getting closer to my vision everyday. My goal is to provide the most interesting, high quality, and delicious food I possibly can at fair prices. Most of my passion lies in using classic technique to elevate familiar foods in surprising ways. I like thinking about what I love to eat, and wondering how it might be interpreted in different contexts. Overall, I just want to make food I think is badass, and serve it to people who might think so too. "

Bao, and what makes it cool.

Gua Bao, an ancient dish, has captured American hearts with its tender braised pork, tangy pickles, and pillowy bun. Originating in China's Fujian province, it flourished in Taiwan before delighting America, primarily popularized through David Chang's Momofuku in the early 2000's . The gua bao's rich history and versatile nature make it a delicious testament to the unifying power of food. Unfortunately, factory-made rubbery bao has become a fixture and we are working hard to show the difference a freshly steamed, homemade bao makes in this fantastic Asian staple.


What makes us different.

Canape Service

Due to our small team, canape or dim sum style service makes it convenient for your guests enjoy our food at it's best.

Hand-made Bao

Our bao is rolled by hand, everyday, by one person. This ensures our guests are always receiving the best we have to offer.


Ever-changing menu

We want the best for our guests. Our menu changes often based on seasonal ingredients, and guest feedback. Everything is made from scratch.

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